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Wi-Fi relay Sonoff TH 16 with a temperature sensor DS18B20 is designed for remote control of loads up to 3500 Watts, with a temperature sensor. The DS18B20 sensor will allow you to build scenarios and control devices based on temperature readings. For example, you want the house temperature not to drop below +15 degrees, program the relay to turn off the boiler when the room is +25 degrees and turn it on when the temperature drops to +15 degrees. The sonoff TN16 relay with a temperature sensor can also be used to read temperature data and transfer it to another sonoff device that will already control the power supply, thereby creating complex scenarios. The temperature sensor is waterproof. The sonof TH16 smart relay is controlled by the Ewelink application, available on Android and IOS, the application is fully Russified and free, the cloud platform is based on Amazon servers. You will be able to control a smart relay from anywhere in the world through a smartphone if there is an Internet connection. It is possible to share management with other accounts. Support for voice control and collaboration with Amazon Alexa, Google Home. Share Control - control your smart home together with your family   It is forbidden to disconnect and connect the sensor while the power is on! This will cause the ESP8266 chip to fail and is not a warranty case.  Characteristics and features of the Sonoff TH16 switch: Maximum load 16A/3500Watts Real-time status view Scenario, countdown, timer, complex scenarios Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n) AC 90-250 B (50/60 Hz ) size 114x52x32 mm.

Wi-Fi switch Sonoff TH 16 with temperature sensor DS18B20, White

Color: White
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