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Wi-Fi relay Sonoff TH10 with AM2301 temperature and humidity sensor is intended for controlling devices based on humidity and temperature indicators. With the Sonof TN10 relay, you can configure and automate your smart home. The temperature and humidity sensor will allow you to adjust the switching off and on of the devices based on the sensor readings, for example, you can program the heating to turn on at a certain temperature and also turn off after the sensor registers a certain temperature or control the humidity in the greenhouse, for example.   In the latest version of Ewelink, users can use the TN16 relay with a sensor to collect evidence and transfer them to other sonoff devices that will already control the devices using temperature and humidity readings, thereby creating smart scenarios. The relay also allows you to set timers, countdowns, scenarios for every day.   We draw your attention to the fact that the sensor must be connected before the power is turned on. It is not recommended to connect or disconnect the sensor while the device is on. The AM2301 sensor is not waterproof. The Sonoff Th16 switch works on the proprietary Ewelink application. The application is available on Android and IOS, is fully Russified and free. It is possible to share control with other accounts, Share Control - control your smart home together with your family. The cloud platform is based on Amazon's servers, you can control the Wi-Fi switch from anywhere in the world if there is an Internet connection. Support for voice control and collaboration with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Nest Sonoff TH16 with AM2301 sensor You can buy in Kyiv in our store at the best price.   Characteristics and features: maximum load 10A/2200 Watt 90~ 250V AC weight 85 g Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n) 2.4 GHz size 114x52x32 mm

Wi-Fi switch Sonoff TH 10 with temperature and humidity sensor AM2301, White

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