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Principle of operation The intelligent center of the Ajax network multiplies the capabilities of each device. Monitors their work and collects data using Jeweler's advanced wireless communication technology. Analyzes threats, weeds out false positives and notifies you about cases of real danger. Anti-sabotage technologies make the Ajax Hub impregnable, which means the protected premises. The availability of sensors, the trigger zone and the noise level in the radio air are tested remotely; New devices connect in one click using QR codes. Maximum possibilities Jeweler wireless technology allows you to spread the network at a distance of up to 2000 meters in an open space or on several floors of a business center; ARM processor gives more power to solve critical tasks; The system works on Ethernet with GSM connection as a backup communication channel; Ajax Hub supports up to 100 devices; Ability to connect to the monitoring system for up to 50 users or a security company (using Contact ID). Trouble-free operation The system works even with very poor communication quality: a GPRS speed of 0.5 kbit/s is sufficient; Two-way communication with devices enables constant testing and simple installation; Firmware and software are updated automatically and free of charge; It is possible to control the key fob either with the help of free smartphone applications (iOS/Android) or through a browser; Supported platforms for mobile applications: iOS 7.1 and above, Android 4.1 and above; Ajax Hub stores the history of all events specified by the system; Real-time viewing of the video stream from connected cameras that support the RTSP protocol through the application. Protection against failures and sabotage All connectors and buttons are hidden in the case; The case is tamper-proof; When the external power is turned off, the alarm is activated; Working time on reserve power reaches 15 hours; The response of the sensors is checked by a ping with a frequency of 12 seconds; Systems for detection and prevention of jamming, channel encryption, authentication to protect against counterfeiting of devices are in operation;

Ajax Hub Smart switchboard

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