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Make your home even more comfortable and control the heating from your smartphone with the new thermostat for radiators SITERWELL. Thanks to the built-in hub that supports the ZigBee wireless communication protocol, it is easily integrated into the TuyaSmart "smart home" system, and the digital display makes control and management of the device's functions even easier. In addition, the device has several operating modes, is easy to install and has a number of useful functions. Tuya Smart Support One of the advantages of this thermostat is its compatibility with the smart home device management platform Tuya Smart. It supports the most popular wireless communication standards - Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Bluetooth. And it is also compatible with voice assistants Amazon Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT, which makes it convenient to use and practical. By connecting the thermostat to the system through the Tuya Smart application, you can use all the capabilities of the device and control it at any time. Solid economy and convenient control The SITERWELL thermostat can be used independently or added to the Tuya Smart application to make control even easier. Including the device in the "smart house" system opens up a lot of possibilities, such as automatic temperature regulation, mode selection, turning on the lock for protection against children, activating the function of detecting an open window and determining the state of the radiator valve. Also, using the mobile application, you can set a timer for turning on/off the heating, so that the thermostat automatically lowers the temperature in the room when no one is at home. Thanks to this, you can reduce your home heating costs. Modes for all occasions Adjust the operation of your heating system and enjoy comfort in the house even in the coldest season. The thermostat has 3 main operating modes: Automatic. In this mode, the thermostat automatically switches to a set temperature, for example, 21 °C when you are at home, 17 °C when you sleep, and 15 °C when you are usually at work and nobody is home. Manual. Just set the desired temperature and the thermostat will maintain it constantly. Protection against freezing. This function will be needed if you leave home for several days. Before leaving, you just need to switch the thermostat to anti-freeze mode and set the temperature in the range of 5-15 °C to protect the heating system from freezing. Also, the SITERWELL thermostat has useful functions that make its work even more efficient. For example, an open window detection option that closes the radiator valve for 30 minutes if the thermostat detects that a window in the room is open. To reduce heat loss. Two years of autonomous operation The SITERWELL  thermostat operates on 2 AA batteries and uses a low-power ZigBee® wireless communication module and an energy-efficient LCD screen, which significantly increases its operating life. Therefore, according to the manufacturer, you will have to replace the batteries only once every 2 years. Features: Manual control or through a mobile application ZigBee wireless communication protocol Compatible with the Tuya Smart system 3 modes: Automatic, Manual and Frost protection Temperature setting range: 5-30 °C Built-in LCD display 2 years of autonomous operation Easy installation

Thermostat + Hub for SITERWELL radiators (GS361A-H04 / TYGWZW-01)

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